About Us


Welcome to National Life

National Life is owned and operated by Regional Life Group Pty Ltd, a small independent regional publisher in Country New South Wales. We publish a free weekly Community magazine called Orange City Life and if you’re interested, you can see it online each week at www.orangecitylife.com.au

Orange City Life presents locals with a variety of news, stories, entertainment, photos and positive reading each week, it’s extremely popular.

 National Life is an extension of what we do in Orange City Life, it’s purpose is to provide people right across Australia with something different, something to enjoy, something to brighten your day, something to look forward to each time you log in, and something that aims to make people feel good and bring out the best in them.

Through National Life, we’ll share stories about people from all over Australia, their successes and achievements, stories that will inspire others while
providing ideas and answers to many of the challenges that so many of us face each day.

We’ll also include a variety of topical news items, along with comments and viewpoints from both our writers and from readers.

National Life has something for everyone, it’s free, it’s yours to enjoy as often as you choose, and if appropriate, it’s yours to be part of or contribute to.

Because National Life has a National audience, we’re also counting on people right across Australia to contribute to its contents.

We’d love to hear from writers or journalists who would like to see their work seen and read by a National audience. We also encourage readers to participate or contribute through the various opportunities and categories we offer.

It doesn’t matter where you live in Australia, if you have a question to ask, something to say or something to contribute, we’d love to hear from you, and you can do that through our Contact tab.

So, National Life will be providing you with ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to brighten your day,
hope you come to enjoy National Life for a long time.