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National Life is the opportunity, but the ball is in your court

Writers and journalists – this is for you!

The changing media scene has seen many a great writer and journalist fall by the wayside through no fault of their own. That’s a great waste of talent and it’s also one of the reasons behind why this National Life website started. If you’re a writer or journalist, whether currently writing or not, and you have a little entrepreneurial flair among your skills, what I have to say next may interest you.

National Life is the opportunity, but the ball is in your court

Bob Holland

National Life presents writers and journalists all over Australia with a unique opportunity to write some great material, and then to make it available right across Australia for readers to enjoy.

The opportunity is also there to make money from your efforts.

Let me explain.

There would be people all over Australia who for one reason or another would like others to hear or read about them, their story or what they do.

For some it could be purely for publicity purposes, others marketing purposes and for others it may be just to share their story for the benefit, encouragement or inspiration of others.

National Life is interested in publishing stories that others will benefit from in some way, and it doesn’t matter if the story is commercially motivated.

For this reason, I invite writers all over Australia to think about people in their area, who might be willing to pay them to write and submit a story to National Life for the National exposure we offer.

Please hear what I’m saying.

This is an opportunity for writers and journalists to “sell” their writing talents, skills etc. to people who can benefit from their work through exposure on National Life. It’s about you being paid for your work and then paying me a small portion to have the story posted on National Life.

Put another way, for National Life’s part, there will simply be a small fee to have your stories posted. Of course, this fee will increase as our audience increases but once a story appears, it will stay on the site, be categorised and be accessible indefinitely.

I believe National Life has unlimited potential, but its success will depend greatly on how writers and journalists respond to the opportunity. It’s concepted to be self-generating as the number and variety of stories from contributing writers grows.

It’s early days as I write this but with your help, it could become anything and possibly a valuable means for you (writers) to use your writing skills or experience to make a few dollars, while helping people in your area get helpful or even crucial exposure, that they may otherwise not be able to afford or access.

Two final things to say –

We have plans for additional components to be added to the National Life site, components that will add more variety and overall value to the reader experience.

National Life’s mission is to present material that is uplifting, inspiring, encouraging, helpful and overall positive. There are enough sources already that set out to make people feel bad.

If you’d like more information or anything clarified email or call me 0412 501 706.

You may also be interested in what I do for my day job – you can find that at

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